Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crackle Paint Frames

I've had the crackle paint and two wooden pictures frames for quite a while.  I decided I should just put two and two together and see how it would work!

I bought both the crackle paint and frames at Walmart of course, and the rest of the supplies I already had.  I just used some old teal paint we had left over from painting my room years and years ago, which was great because our living room has a lot of that pretty color in it!  I just used dark brown and a tan/off white colored acrylic paints that we had stored away for the colors of the crackle.

 First, I painted the frames with the colors I wanted to show through as crackles.  I only did one coat since most of it would be covered anyway.  After it dries, paint on the crackle paint, the thicker the crackle coat, the bigger the crackles.  The directions say not to paint back over the crackle coat once you've already started {easier said than done!}.  
Once the crackle paint is dry, paint over it with the top color of choice.  I just used some left over teal paint!

The brown didn't turn out as well as the lighter tan-ish color did.  I'm not sure if it just doesn't look as crackled because of the darker color? Or if I may have spread the crackle paint on incorrectly.  Not sure, but either way they both turned out kinda neat!!

Such a simple home decor project!  Fairly cheap too, especially if you already have most of the supplies like I did.

Time to search the house for some more things to crackle! :)

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