Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spray Painted Clothes Pins

Yay for making laundry more fun!!!!! {HA}

Saw this idea HERE via Pinterest.  I absolutely LOVED the vintage color scheme that she had!  I decided to not copy {for once} and came up with my own melon-y color scheme.  

I just spray painted each side of the clothes pins and let dry!  They really do brighten up the laundry room a bit.  I'm hoping it does the same to the actual "doing" of the laundry. :)

Crackle Paint Frames

I've had the crackle paint and two wooden pictures frames for quite a while.  I decided I should just put two and two together and see how it would work!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bumble Bee 1st Birthday

I just realized I hadn't posted this on here yet!  Heck, we're already starting to get things together for my niece's 2nd Birthday in May.  Anyways, here is what we did for her 1st Birthday! :)

I made these adorable bumble bees out of scrap wood and a little bit of paint for my niece Hailey’s first birthday in May!  We used the large ones as table center pieces and the smaller ones for each person’s place setting.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

As I was sitting at work, looking busy of course, browsing a handful of DIY craft blogs {this was before they weren't monitoring internet usage...sadly we cannot browse anymore}, I came across a fun idea.  (Sorry, don’t remember the source, however you can search how to do this on youtube)  BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS!! They’re super cute and fun.  There are so many designs, themes, colors, etc you can dress them up with.  My mom does digital scrapbooking, so I used a bunch of images from her digital scrapbooking supplies to print out and use on my bottle caps.  You can also use decorative scrapbook paper.  Just punch them out with a 1” hole punch!  Here are just a few I’ve made… 

I'm in love with my coffee magnets.  They are my fav so far!

Zebra Wall Art

I loved doing this zebra project.  I bought 3-12x12 canvas from Hobby Lobby.  I blew up a photo of a zebra and drew the zebra stripes onto the canvas.  I used black acrylic paint and just painted on the stripes!  Pretty darn easy! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So, I've been really loving all of these cute Cake Pops/Balls I've seen online.  I decided it was time for me to try them out myself! :)

I used German Chocolate Cake and Coconut Pecan frosting.  I coated them in chocolate and used coconut for a topper, as well as almond bark drizzled on top of some.

There are tons of different ways to make these, just search google or youtube for them!

 My First Attempt at Cake Pops!

Can't wait to dig my teeth into these babies!!! MMMM!