Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

As I was sitting at work, looking busy of course, browsing a handful of DIY craft blogs {this was before they weren't monitoring internet usage...sadly we cannot browse anymore}, I came across a fun idea.  (Sorry, don’t remember the source, however you can search how to do this on youtube)  BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS!! They’re super cute and fun.  There are so many designs, themes, colors, etc you can dress them up with.  My mom does digital scrapbooking, so I used a bunch of images from her digital scrapbooking supplies to print out and use on my bottle caps.  You can also use decorative scrapbook paper.  Just punch them out with a 1” hole punch!  Here are just a few I’ve made… 

I'm in love with my coffee magnets.  They are my fav so far!

 Of course, gotta have John Deere for my sister and bro-in-law!
 Team Magnets

I have some freakin fantastic {college} friends who were willing to keep their bottle caps from their {root} beers so I could even do this project without having to pay for the caps {there are bags of caps on ebay and amazon}! THANKS GUYS AND GALS!! 

I spray painted the caps to go along with whatever color scheme of decorative paper/pictures I was using.

I use mod podge to glue the 1 inch circle punches onto the bottle caps.  After that dried, I took Glossy Accents {a clear, dimensional embellishment gloss found at hobby stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby} and spread evenly over the top of them to give it a glossy/gel appearance.  

After buying packs of round magnets from Walmart that fit perfect inside the back of the cap, I mod podge the magnets in place {after they were dry of course}. 

SIDE NOTE: *****I tried using the round magnets with adhesives on the back, thinking they'd be convenient for the project.  Nope, doesn't hold strong enough compared to the strength of the magnet when pulling them off the fridge.  I've "stuck" {bahaha} with the round magnets without adhesive which has worked out great. Plus there are more magnets in the pack without adhesives!*****

They're lots of fun!  The ideas of what you could do are endless.  I've also had the idea to flip them around and place the decorative paper on the inside.  Might have to try this out!

Check youtube for videos on how to make bottle cap magnets!  They're out there!

Thanks for reading!!! =))

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