Thursday, December 8, 2011

Burnt Out Christmas Lights into Cute Sparkly Centerpiece!

This is simply brilliant.  It turned out way better than originally planned.   This honestly took me less than an hour to finish!  DO IT!!!!  You won't be sorry!  Recycling is ALWAYS good!

Drab to Fab Centerpiece

Sorry for the terrible picture quality.  I forgot to take a before picture, so I had to find one with it in it and crop it way down.  You'll get the point though, it definitely needed some color!

Easy Ripple Afghan and Grannie Ripple Afghan

Ok ok, I confess, I started both of these last year...or longer, and still haven't finished them yet.  OOPS!! Maybe this year they'll get done...? :)

The black and white afghan is an Easy Ripple stitch, the pattern is HERE.

The colorful afghan is a Grannie Ripple stitch.  Go HERE for an awesome video tutorial for this afghan.

Guess I should get to't that time of year! 

Happy crocheting <3

Chunky Afghan

I made this vibrant, chunky, Half Double Crochet Afghan to drape across our white couch.
It's so fluffy and warm!!  I used an extra large crochet hook, size Q I believe, and some chunky yarn.  I double stranded the yarn to make it more full and warm.  I crocheted in the back loops to give it a ridged affect.

Happy crocheting! :)

Mom's Dept. 56 Snow Village Display

This is my Mom’s fun display of her Dept. 56 Snow Village collection.  This was a video made by my Aunt of the display my Mom put up 4 years ago. 

 My Mom sculpted and painted the mountain background, as well as the bases the buildings sit on.  We also made most of the trees ourselves out of blue-green furnace filter.

We finally set it up again this year and it is bigger and better!   
We are hoping to make a new video of the bigger display.  Until then, enjoy this version!

Spiral Scrubbies!-Crochet

Click HERE for the video tutorial for this Spiral Scrubbie!  The pattern for this project is HERE.  

I used acrylic yarn (to make it rougher to wash dishes) in a fall color scheme for the season.  It seriously only took me 30 minutes or less to make.  It's really thick and durable for dish washing.  Another option is to use cotton yarn, or any other soft yarn, and use the scrubbie in the shower/bath!

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crochet Hook Case :)

This is my first real extensive crochet project!! :)
Click HERE for the patter.
I already had the flowers made long before I started this project, so I based the case's color scheme around them.  You can look up on youtube how to make the flowers.  There are some great video tutorials on there!

Christmas Mug Cozies~~LOVE LOVE LOVE

Here are some adorable mug cozies I crocheted for Christmas!  There are so many ways these can be made!  Check it out on my tumblr page!.

Super Easy Candy Cane Candle Sticks!!

Hop on over to my tumblr page to check this out!  So easy :)