Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hanging Herb Garden

I was really wanting my own herb garden so I decided to finally just do it. After looking at a bunch of do-it-yourself herb gardens, I finally found an idea I loved and just ran with it.  Check out the blog paper{whites} for my inspiration!  Lots of cute stuff there.

I wanted something that was easy to move indoors for the winter months, so I decided to do hanging herb pots. This weekend I decided to just do it {nike style}. And so I did. I bought the pots {which I poked holes in the side for the rope}, the herbs, I cut small pieces of scrap wood, drilled holes and spray-painted them, and put them all together. I already had the rope/twine for it which worked great.
I'm pretty excited about it!
Here they are!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wall decals? Nope!!

My Mom has a commercial print shop which needed a little something. She had a great big, bare, white wall that was screaming for color. Since Mom's favorite color is purple, I decided that needed to be the focal spot of color. This was MUCH easier than dealing with wall decals...trying to put them on level and pealing without ripping, etc.

I'm pretty impressed with how this came out, especially when it was a last-second idea, two hours before I went on call. And because my mom owns a printing shop, I had everything I needed to complete it. So all it costed me was a couple hours of time {can't beat that!!!}.
The one foot "love" letters were made out of cardboard and wrapped in purple scrapbooking paper. I just sketched them myself and cut them out with scissors. Mom had some thinner, black cardboard that I used for the smaller letters which are four inches. I used my cricut to cut out those letters. You wouldn't have to use cardboard, index or thick scrapbooking paper would have worked fine. I was just being selfish and didn't want to use a lot of my scrapbook supplies
Then I found some handy dandy fun tact/sticky tack/the whatever you want to call stretchy smushy stuff, and hung the letters up with that. I just eyeballed the levelness of each letter and prayed they wouldn't be going uphill. Fortunately, I didn't even have to change anything around {I never get that lucky}!!
How's that for a two hour DIY bare wall enhancement? I say, not too shabby.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Goodies

Easter cookies, cake pops {German Chocolate Coconut Pecan and Carrot Cake Cream Cheese}, and deviled eggs!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Card

Here is a homemade Easter card I sent to my bf's mom. It was a quick put together. Thought it looked pretty cute considering the little time I actually spent on it.

I had to add a cute little stamp on the back of the envelope! It looked so plain compared to the card. Hehe 

Just passing on another idea! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kitchen Wall Art

What do you know...another spray paint decor project! You just can't get me away from that stuff! :)

We finally got around to hanging my sister's wall art in her kitchen {we had painted it almost a whole month ago} and I must say...not too shabby! It worked out perfect with the small, bare wall that was above a can cupboard.

The frames were all bought at a thrift store, equaling around $2.00. I just spray painted them and added pictures and hung one empty {talk about easy wall art}.

I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto a decorative wood piece I got at Hobby Lobby. That place {which I call Heaven once I step in} has a bunch of different wooden pieces in different shapes and designs.

The canvas wall art was made with stick on letters and spray paint.
I spray painted a wooden spoon ($.50 at the thrift store) white and hot glued it to the canvas and voilĂ !! Same thing I did for my Simple Kitchen Art!
Way too easy.

Perfect colors for Easter and Spring time!

Check out MY dining room cheap wall art...yet another picture frame spray paint fiasco!  After buying a house in August of 2012, I can now do my OWN cheap wall art!