Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wall of Frames!

Because, who doesn't like a good ol' wall o' frames? :)
I've had my house for ONE YEAR now (I can't believe it! Time flies!) and I haven't even made one single DIY cheapo home decor post!  I've been neglecting my blog, I know, but I've been having too much fun doing other cool stuff...meh...Ok, I have no good excuse.  Time to put the big girl undies (I absolutely loathe that "P" word for women's underwear and refuse to type it, let alone say it) on and get back on the wagon. 

BACK TO THE I have a good sized wall in my dining room, a perfect palate for fun wall art!  I thought I'd share what I've done with the space, as I have gotten lots of compliments on it!  Little do they all know that majority of the objects on the wall are from, shhhhhhhh, thrift stores and garage sales!  CHEAP!  I'm cheap.  I don't care.  I mean come on, I'm 24 25 and own a house, car, and have a bajillion bills to pay each month...I'm all for cheap.

I always wanted a wall where I could just put up a bunch of empty frames, thanks to all of the pinterest ideas.  So I did just that.  I was on a mission to find some cool lookin, empty picture frames.  Our tiny little town of 3500 or so has three thrift stores.  I hit the frickin jackpot.  They each had tons of frames, lots of different sizes, shapes, and designs.  Decisions decisions.  I went for the more vintage looking detailed ones.  I had found a couple vintage oval cameos at a garage sale, the week I closed on my house, that I couldn't pass up for the wall as well (yes I had already planned to do a wall of frames on that particular wall before I even bought the house).  I think I spent maybe a total of 15 bucks?  It wasn't much!

My kitchen and dining room are painted in vintage colors; coral, yellow, and aqua.  I've decorated with old metal signs and records, a lot of which my family had saved from way back when (more pics to come).  The dining room wall is a vintage yellow, so I planned to paint all of my objects with the other colors of the kitchen.  I already had some teal, beige, and aqua spray paint, along with leftover coral wall paint. 

After the painting was finished, I made a layout on the floor below the wall of how I wanted to place my frames/cameos.  I still had a couple records to use, so I decided to add those in for fun accent pieces.  I absolutely loved how it turned out!  So fun!  Here comes my attempt at good photography (hence all the angles and close ups I took).

Be sure to click on the pics to have a bigger better view!

My darling sister gave me a nice black cabinet that fit perfect in that area and is great storage for crystal and party glasses!  Thanks sis!

 Above is one of the cameos I was talking about.  It was a lovely shade of yuck until I painted it!  The other is painted in a lighter shade of coral.
This little accent piece is just a decorative wood piece I bought from the wonderful HL (Hobby Lobby).  I decoupaged some scrapbook paper onto it for another fab accent piece.  It's the same thing I did for my sister's kitchen wall art (<----check it out if you haven't already!).
There's no such thing as too many pictures from different angles!
During Christmas time, I set all of the Christmas cards and pictures I get on the frames.  Perfect spot to display them!

 The final picture is how I have decorated the cabinet in front of my wall.  It changes seasonally!

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