Monday, October 29, 2012

Peaches and Cream Soap!

More delicious soap!! Love this one. Check it out!

The tangerine orange clear base is peach scented while the white Shea butter base is scented with warm vanilla sugar.
This soap has wonderful lather and extreme moisturizing contents since half of it is made with Shea butter base.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Wonderful World of Soap

Well, I've been MIA for quite some time now! Why? Well, I am officially a homeowner. It's been crazy between vacations, work, and buying a new house that I haven't even thought about blogging. Shame on me.

Now that I have halfway settled into my new home, I decided to take on soapmaking. I got the inspiration from my aunt, who started making her own cold process so from scratch. I decided that I was going to start out with a more simple tactic, and went with Melt and Pour soapmaking. There are actually many options and fun ideas when creating melt and pour soap.

After watching thousands of YouTube videos and reading bunches of soap making blogs, I decided to just DO IT! So I did. I went to a craft store, and bought the soap basis, fragrances, and colorants. I decided to go with craft store supplies first before I paid extra money on the good stuff.

My first batch of soap was made with the craft store supplies. It turned out very well considering I have never done it before. Here's a picture of my first loaf of soap.