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Hi there!  I'm Lillie.  Just an average 23 24 (ugh) year old, hippie-ish, weird, dork-like, and funny {at least I try to be, or just end up being laughed at, which is good too} girl.  My main goal in life is to make people smile or laugh.  If I can't be making others happy, then I'm not happy.  I love trying new things {especially fun craft ideas or projects...hence this blog! tehe} and sharing my projects!  

I have WAAAAYYYY too many project ideas and the STUFF to do them but not enough time and space.  If I could, I would craft all day long!  There isn't anything I wouldn't spray paint {except my dog, or people...unless they got too close!}. 

I love getting new ideas, so feel free to send them my way.  Or just leave a comment to say hi.  Or just look at my posts.  Whatever your little {or big} heart desires. 

I'm happy you have stopped by to check out my blog!  Don't forget to come back again...and again...and again again again!!!! :P  

OH! AND!  Stop by my new Etsy.com shop called Soapisticated!


<3  <-------Heart

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