Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wall Pops!!

So, I really wanted a fun, different, stenciled wall in my living room to kind of match my awesome vintage (SUPER OLD) hand me down chairs. After watching some YouTube vids and tutorials online about stenciling walls, that idea was definitely nixed. Although the walls always looked ahhhhmazing, it looked waaaayyyy too complicated and time consuming for me. So I was on the prowl for something else.

That's when I came across the GENIOUS Wall Pops, peal and stick wall decals! I saw

and completely fell in love. So in love, that I ordered some right then and there (who cares about money right? Yeah, I'm pretty bad about that when it comes to something I reaaaalllyyy want).

After deciding the design I wanted, I measured the wall to figure out how many packs I'd need. I bought the Kolkata Dots and Kolkata Stripes. The packs do come with stick on jewels, however I did not use them.

Lots of measuring, marking, and leveling later, I ended up with THIS!

Ok, I suck, I know. This was last fall. I've had this wall done for almost two years now. I'm terrible about getting true "after" pictures of the finished project in its entirety. The wall pops extend from ceiling to base board. I actually didn't have the old piano in front of the wall for about a year, so I have no excuse for a full length pic. Hehe, oops. To make up for that, I took an undated pic of what it looks like today!  Yay! Don'tchya love it?  I do. :D


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