Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simple Kitchen Art

So easy, simple, and CHEAP {I'm all about saving money}!!  I already had the canvas and spray paint for them, all I needed were some short kitchen accessories.  Found the two small wooden spoons at a second hand store for the huge price of $0.50!!  Yup, a whole whopping 25 cents each.  I spray painted them with an ivory color.  I also spray painted the two canvases {...canvi? canvases doesn't sound right} to go with our tangerine and green kitchen {walls are tangerine, so we needed more green accents}.  After each dried, I hot glued the wooden spoons on and just leaned both against the wall behind our stove.

Little did I know that the spray paint color I already had matched almost perfectly with the Tea Pot!
We love it!

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