Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sneak Peak of Bathroom Transformation!!

I wanted to share a few before and after pics of the bathroom (which in the end, sold me on the house) we've improved mostly ourselves.  There are still a few things I'd like to completely redo, like cabinets, counter top (there's a lot, thus why I loved it so much), and the backsplash, but it has DEFINITELY come a looooonnnngggg way.  I didn't realize this until I put the before and after pics side by side.  Holy cow. 

I will add a complete post of the bathroom improvement in the future including pictures before, during, and after, my design vision and style ideas, lists of changes, what we did ourselves and what we had professionally done (which wasn't much), and maybe some tips and tricks to help make your improvement go a little quicker.

I'm LOVING my new industrial style bath, thanks to my family!

Before and after

Before and after number three
Before and after number two
Before and after number four

Before and after five
Not only was I lucky to have carpet in my bathroom  (yuck), I had another beautiful layer underneath! That was fun...not.

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