Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monkey Birthday Party

Oh how the time has flown by. My niece turned two this May. It seems like yesterday when we were planning her bumblebee first birthday party! Sheesh!!
This year we did a pink, green, and yellow monkey theme. It definitely took less time {and money} than the bumblebee theme. It turned out pretty darn cute if I might say so myself! Here are a few pics/ideas from the party!

{Mommy and Hailey, Auntie Lillie and Hailey}

One of the three tables.

Place setting with yellow napkins, pink and green plastic ware, and a tissue paper Pom Pom as the napkin ring. So easy {and so cheap!} to make! They really dressed everything up. Center pieces were twine-y moss balls my sister already had. I just used flower paper punches, scrapbook paper, and straight pins to hold them into the balls. Scrapbook paper I already had lines the center of the table and are used as placemats on the breakfast bar.

A happy birthday sign was made with my cricut, what a way to let something else do most of the work for you. It's the way to go! Im soooo glad I have one! {thanks mom and dad} I also printed out clip art of bananas and monkeys to add to it.

The drink table! We printed out monkey stickers on sticky back paper and used a 2" punch to punch them out and stick them on cups and dessert plates! We offered strawberry lemonade and strawberry margaritas for us older folks {both so delish with fresh strawbs}. And of course tea and water. :). We hung the Pom Poms up with straight pins.

The yummies table. I think we outdid ourselves a bit. ;)

Yes, those are colored chocolate covered Oreos {pink, yellow, and green of course!} I thought it might be a bit too sweet, but holy cow were they to DIE for.
Also, strawberry {pink} and watermelon {green} taffy from Estes Park, CO.

Monkey cake pops!!! They were a lot easier to create than I thought! Thank you, Ashley at Blog Al A Cart (amazing blog btw, check it out)! I made German chocolate and vanilla cream cheese pops.

Can't forget the party favors!  Bananas, of course, and  packets of pictures of the birthday girl! :)

Cutest Birthday Girl Ever!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Hailey Jo!


  1. This was the prettiest birthday party! The cake and cake pops looked professionally made! All of the extra touches were so cool. Don't know how you're going to top this one.....but I bet you will!