Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jordan Almond Easter Decor

Ahhhh, the ideas that pinterest gives me! Yes, I stole this concept from pinterest, however instead of making a wreath, I made Easter Trees!

Pretty simple, but I must add that it was a fairly pricy project. I got everything from Hobby Lobby. The bags of Jordan Almonds were $6.99 each, which I got three of, and used them all (and of course ate a bunch of them). The larger styrofoam tree was $4.99 and the smaller was $3.99. Although pricy, it turned out so cute. I think others think the same because I've gotten some nice complements. :))

All you need are these three things:
Styrofoam Base
Jordan Almonds
Glue Gun

All I did was start gluing the almonds onto the styrofoam base.
To save myself from having to spend another $6.99 on another bag of almonds, I just glued them about 2/3 the way around, I was setting them in a place where the back couldn't be seen anyway.
Total time this project took me was less than an hour. Can't beat that! Love those quick, easy to do-ers!!

Here is our Easter Mantle! There is usually a giant clock hanging on the wall in the center. It was getting a new battery. =P

Happy Spring Season everyone!!

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