Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crayon Letter Art

I made this cute “H” out of crayons for my 17 month old niece Hailey (who is the cutest little girl in the world) in under an hour!  Soooo easy.
The tutorial for this project is from The Trendy Treehouse.  Just click HERE!!.

I had an extra frame lying around that I used (the glass was actually broken, so it worked out perfect). 
I used a piece of white index paper for my background and cut it to the size of my frame which was 8x10.  I first cut and laid out the crayons in my “H” before I glued them on so I knew I had the right amount of crayons to do the project. 
I used a hot glue gun to glue them to my index paper.  You can put the glue directly on the paper, or on the paper of the crayon (it won’t melt the crayon as long as the glue is placed on the paper part).
It dries pretty much instantly, so I was able to stick it in the frame and give it to my sister to hang on Hailey’s wall right away!
SO EASY AND CUTE!!! :)  My sister, of course, thinks Hailey needs an“a,i,l,e,y” now…maybe another day!

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