Sunday, January 29, 2012

CD Case Wall Art

This site inspired me to do this project.  They have a very helpful video!
For some simple instructions…READ MORE!! :) :)

I took a trip to Seattle with my family and we took a clipper over to Victoria, British Columbia to see the Butchart Gardens (absolutely beautiful) in 10/10.  I took many pictures of the gorgeous flowers, and this was one of them.
All you need:
  • CD cases, with everything removed from the inside.
  • Computer-I used photoshop, Indesign works also.  I’m guessing any photo editor would do as well.
  • photo paper
  • printer
  • Velcro sticky picture hanger thingys-link to what I’m trying to explain here.
With this specific project, I had to re-size the picture to the size I wanted on the computer(in this case, I used a 3x3 pattern of cd cases, so I measured the length of three of them). 
         *With a little help from my mom, who is a photoshop pro, she helped me make the background black and white and only the flower in color.
Next, I measured the size of the sheet of paper that came out of the BACK of the cd cases, so I knew what size to crop each individual picture.  I started on the top left side of the picture, and cropped it to the correct size that will fit into the BACK of the cd case.  I had to save each individual picture before going back and re-cropping a different spot.  I printed out each picture, and placed them in the back of the cd cases and put them in order (like a puzzle!).
I hung each case about 1/2 inch apart from one another using the Velcro sticky picture hanger thingys!
You wouldn’t have to do a whole grid picture like I did, you can put any individual pictures or art into the cases and hang them however you want!
These were pretty skimpy instructions, so be sure to ask me if you have any questions!!

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