Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coffee Corner Wall Art

MMMMM!!! COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!! {Kinda like the commercial with the dog that's yelling BACON, BACON BACON!!! That's how I'd say it.} I don't know how anyone couldn't like the smell of coffee.  Especially in the morning!! So delish.  {starting to drool}

Here is just another quick and easy wall update for Mom's shop! She has a cute little corner area where she puts all of her coffee, tea, and fixins' which needed some decor. Momma loves her coffee!!

Again, I just used my cricut to cut out all of the letters and also the coffee cup decor. I then hung them up with some more sticky tack just like I did with my other wall decal post.

Mom's shop walls are pretty bare so just this little bit definitely goes a long way. Cheers the place up a bit! Nobody wants to work in a dull setting.

Just writing this made me have a coffee craving Gotta go have a cup NOW!!  Mouth is watering.

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